Hurricane Property Damage Claim: Do I Need A Lawyer?

As a Floridian, you are probably familiar with hurricanes. You know the damage they can do, and how unpredictable the trajectory and intensity of that damage can be. You know the devastation that a hurricane can cause over the course of a single day. In fact, you probably even have hurricane insurance that you pay premiums for year-round, to protect your property from that damage.

If the day comes when you or a loved one has property hit by the brunt of a hurricane, you will likely count on your insurance company to give you the funds you need to repair the damage quickly and painlessly. After all, you stayed current with your premiums, so why wouldn’t it be as simple as calling up and requesting the service you have paid for all these years?

Unfortunately, the reality is often much more complicated. It is the prerogative of insurance companies to avoid paying out whenever possible. Every insurance company dedicates time, money, and resources to preventing people from filing their claims and receiving the funds they need. This includes hiring very skilled attorneys who know how to find loopholes in every insurance plan and how to argue effectively against peoples’ claims.

This is why having an experienced hurricane damage attorney on your side throughout the claims process can drastically improve your chances of success. Whether you have met with resistance or are anticipating the likelihood of being met with resistance, an attorney who knows the field can be indispensable to your case. A knowledgeable advocate who can advise you on how to best protect yourself and who can argue against the insurance company’s attorneys on your behalf can make all the difference.

A hurricane property damage claim lawyer can help with several crucial steps to building a strong case for your claim.

Review your policy: An expert attorney can thoroughly and expertly examine your insurance policy and build a strong case for your claim. With additional legal knowledge and research, they can apply relevant case law to support those claims.

Documenting and Assessing Damages: One of the most important first steps when filing a hurricane damage claim is documenting all damages and losses. This includes both making an inventory and documenting any visual evidence. Hurricane insurance attorneys are often connected to a network of reputable professionals who can thoroughly document your losses and damages. In addition, they can offer professional appraisals of the financial worth of those losses and damages, which can be used to bolster your case.

Handling communication with the insurance company: While insurance companies may seem perfectly friendly, they can and will use anything you say to build a case against your claim. A property damage claims attorney can step in and represent you to the insurance company, preventing you from saying anything that could be used against you, and from the stress of having to deal with the adjusters.

Negotiating your Settlement: When it comes time to negotiate with the insurance company, an attorney will be qualified to go head-to-head with their adjusters and attorneys. They will know when an offer is a low-ball, and how to argue for your fair compensation. 

Arguing your Case: If the matter is taken to mediation or trial, your attorney will be an essential part of building, arguing, and defending your case.

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