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“We here at Sweet Puff are VERY thankful to Chris Crawford for his hard work on our CBD case!!! This man has gone above and beyond for us and we truly do appreciate it. Our case is not over yet, it’s going to be a while before it is, but knowing we have a stellar attorney like Chris Crawford on our side brings some MUCH needed relief to our lives!!! Thank you, Chris Crawford, for everything that you have done and continue to do to help keep an innocent man from ending up in prison. CBD should never have anyone locked up for 25 to life!!! Thank you for fighting the good fight for us!!! We HIGHLY recommend the law office of Chris Crawford, this man KNOWS what he is doing! From Ned and all of us here at Sweet puff!”Sweet P.
“There is no other that I would trust to handle my legal matters. He is a proven Attorney! Better by pass “Saul” and call Chris for positive results!”A Satisfied Client
“Chris is very honest and professional. He handled a case for me and was no doubt the best choice I’ve ever made.”Harry
“Chris Crawford is a 5 star attorney who is there for his client 24/7. He navigated the JAG military system to dismiss an erroneous traffic misdemeanor and false arrest- the charge was going to cause me to lose a high federal job offer – look no further Hire Chris Crawford – his skill along with his relationships with prosecutors and the courts will give you the result you desire. Highest recommendation! Thank you, Chris!”A Satisfied Client
“Mr. Crawford goes above and beyond expectations, and his staff are experts in their fields. Chris and his team were able to get a felony charged dismissed without having to go the trial by going the extra mile and conducting the necessary due diligence to address the matter. He was able to convince the State that this was the correct decision based on the evidence, and the judge agreed as well. I would not recommend any other attorney for a criminal case in the Gulf Coast. Mr. Crawford legitimately cares about his clients and isn’t just in it to collect fees. He has great energy, charisma, and confidence in the court room. You will not regret hiring Chris Crawford to represent you.”NB
“I hired Mr. Crawford back in June to assist my Son with a detainer he had placed on him. From the first contact, I found Mr. Crawford to be very honest and forthcoming about the case and what he could do to help. He and his awesome paralegal, Elizabeth, kept me informed throughout the process and I’m very happy to say that my son got the most positive outcome in his case. All I can say is if you need an attorney- stop searching now and call Chris. He’s the best out there!”A. Roberson
“I was involved in a multi vehicle accident where I received a citation. The law enforcement officer believed I was partially at fault. I did not agree. Chris Crawford was recommended to me so I agreed to meet with him. It was the best decision that I could have made. He explained everything to me in layman’s terms how everything would play out. He immediately put my mind at ease. Needless to say when we went to the traffic court hearing he had my ticket dismissed. I know without Chris Crawford’s legal expertise the outcome would have been a lot different. In addition to this Chris also got me a settlement above and beyond anything I imagined. This experience made me realize that I really did need legal representation and believe me I couldn’t have made a better choice than Chris Crawford.”Joe
“I would totally recommend this man for anything. He is the best I’ve seen and doesn’t. Play around. I’m very impressed with the outcome. He got me today. He shut it down. This guy is no joke and differently. He knows what he is doing. Very nice guy. And I can’t thank him enough for what he does. Very professional and on top of every little thing. You rock Chris.”Brandon
“I would like to share my experience with Mr. Chris Crawford, Criminal Law Attorney, Pensacola, Florida with you. He and his team are very professional. He was very Straightforward concerning my case, by being objective while demonstrating sound opinions in determining the best course of action to take. His demeanor throughout this process gave me confidence and stability in the fact that I was doing the right thing. He kept his word under all circumstances; maintain professionalism with the highest standard of personal and professional integrity. He made decision pertaining to my case that demonstrated his excellence in his profession of law. I would highly recommend Mr. Chris Crawford, Criminal Law Attorney, to anyone that is in need of excellence.”Nanette
“My husband was arrested and charged with 2 misdemeanors and 2 felonies, including battery on a LEO. Mr. Crawford was absolutely amazing, dedicated, and always there when we needed him. He was able to negotiate my husband’s sentence down to just 30 days in jail, which was served only on weekends. Mr. Crawford truly saved our lives- he was always there for us and talked us through every step of the process. He and Shelly answered our questions quickly and did whatever they could to assist us. They were absolutely amazing, and I’d recommend Chris to anyone I know.”Jennifer
“My family has retained Chris for a few cases in the past couple of years and he has achieved the absolute best resolution possible to each case. I was charged with Possession of Marijuana L/T 20grams twice within one year and he was able to get adjudication withheld each time, allowing me to keep my drivers license. I’ve never had a worry going into the courtroom knowing Chris will be there representing me. Not only is he a criminal attorney he is also an exceptional Personal Injury lawyer. His staff is wonderful and makes sure that you are aware of every move their office makes pertaining to your case and will go out of their way to answer any questions you may have and make sure you are comfortable. I would highly recommend his office to anyone in need of an Attorney in Pensacola and the surrounding areas. Thank you so much to the Law Office of Chris Crawford!”Hailee
“Chris and Shelly were absolutely amazing to work with. They are both upfront, honest, kind, and intelligent. I was getting ready to graduate from college in 2 months when I was arrested for my 2nd DUI in 5 years. Chris helped me make the right decisions for me regarding my trial that ultimately lead to a not guilty verdict. He is clearly a very smart man and puts his intelligence to work for your case. I would recommend him every time to anyone in need of a criminal defense lawyer. Hopefully, I will never need one again, however, I know Chris will be the first person I call if I do.”Casey
“He is very caring and has a lot of knowledge. Reading his page it almost seemed to good to be true but he has the trials and such under his belt that he has resolved to back it up.he is very sharp and on top of things would recommend him to anybody.”William
“Chris Crawford is a great attorney. I was recently charged in a very serious drug trafficking case and Chris was able to get all charges dropped. At my first consultation with him, he had already read the police report and knew a little about my case. He put in a motion to have the case dismissed right away based on a lack of evidence. At first the state refused to drop the charges so he set my case for a speedy trial and was very confident that we would win. Chris was extremely helpful in explaining details and answering any questions I had about my case. He was very professional in the courtroom and his staff was also very friendly and helpful. I would definitely recommend Chris Crawford to others and I would use him again if I were ever to need another attorney for any reason.”Ashley
“Chris Crawford did an amazing job of getting our case settled without ever going to trial. He is truly one in a million. His staff is spot on as well, you call up and get either the correct answer or a call back every time. Most lawyers are too busy to talk to you after you pay your money well this law firm is not that way….every one of them does a fabulous job!!! If you need an attorney, he was very reasonable and very good at his job. They will jump through hoops to hopefully get the outcome you desire.”Carmen
“Chris Crawford and his staff are a great team to work with. I was arrested for a DUI several days after I graduated college and knew this conviction would be very detrimental towards my future. One of the smartest decisions I made was hiring Chris to represent me for my case. Throughout the whole process, he was very forward, thorough and responsive in his advice. I was always well informed of my options and the status of my case, making life much easier in the midst of a chaotic time. Prior to my trial, Chris always gave me his honest assessment of our chances of success, which played a huge role in my decision to proceed to a jury trial. During the trial, Chris demonstrated how competent and skilled he is by having the state’s prosecution overruled, beaten, and outmatched through the entire trial. Ultimately ending in a very favorable outcome for my case — not guilty of a DUI. I would highly recommend Mr. Crawford to anybody who is in need of a highly experienced, result-oriented attorney. This difficult situation was extremely stressful and scary, but knowing that I had a trusted attorney working on my behalf literally saved my life.”A Satisfied Client
“I was involved in a bad relationship, and my spouse put fake charges on me. It started badly. I was charged with a felony over some lies and Mr. Crawford got them to drop it to a misdemeanor. He then went to trial and beat that. Man, I am glad I called him.”Jimmy
“I was charged with DUI property damage, and Mr. Crawford took the case to the doors of the court house and won. He didn’t just win, he kicked that district attorneys butt. He was always available and very knowledgeable about the whole process. I am so so happy I went with him.”David
“I was charged with a capital crime meaning I was facing mandatory life in prison. Mr. Crawford took that case to trial and beat it in only 10 minutes. He truly saved my life. If you are in trouble you need to do 2 things hire Chris Crawford and trust him. A. Shoemaker.”Anthony
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