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We’ve seen it time and time again: officers will only listen to one side of the story and then go to great lengths to justify their decision. If you’re feeling like you’ve been baited and trapped and that your reputation is being tarnished, we’ve got the expert defense you need.

Crawford Law offers aggressive, experienced trial attorneys who won’t just settle your case for our own convenience. When we’re on your side, we’re fighting hard for you.

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we fight for you

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Officers go online to develop cyber relationships with someone who is simply looking for companionship. This often escalates into a deceitful dialogue that’s designed to build a case for online solicitation of a minor.

The results are crippling:

  • A slandered reputation

  • An emptied bank account

  • Job termination

  • Potential loss of freedom

What we do

When the police have pushed you too hard to maximize their catch, you need someone on your side pushing back even harder.

We’ll make sure the jury understands your side of the story as well as the underhanded tactics of the government.

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