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Dealing with the law can be intense. If you’re facing criminal charges, the consequences can include potential jail time, heavy fines, and probation, not to mention the financial, emotional, and mental strain on both you and your loved ones. A conviction for a criminal offense also comes with life-altering societal stigma. Your ability to find a job, advance your career, and own a gun will be forever negatively impacted.

Fortunately, there are criminal defense lawyers who believe that every client deserves the absolute best defense available and who will work to reduce the repercussions of a criminal charge.

With Crawford Law as your Criminal Defense in Pensacola, Florida, you’ll have the best shot at putting your misdemeanor or felony offense behind you. Our insider knowledge of how prosecutors operate and our experience at trial defending clients – including those threatened with the death penalty – have given us unparalleled insight into the most successful defense strategies here in Florida, both in and out of the courtroom. We will examine every aspect of your case to find viable defenses that will help us in planning the next steps in your defense.

Pensacola Criminal Defense Lawyer Chris Crawford and his partner will give you peace of mind that stems from trusting you have experienced partners who know the system and who aggressively defend and protect their clients. Here at Crawford Law, our team will walk you through the legal process, answer all of your questions honestly, and then fight hard for your case in court.

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We Work Around the Clock to Win Your case

At Crawford Law, our attorneys Chris Crawford and Geoff Joseph care about the outcome of your case and the impact that our practice can have on your future. We believe that every defendant has the right to expertise defense counsel, and we strive to safeguard our clients from the stigma of a criminal conviction. No matter what you have been charged with, we will be proud to defend your Constitutional rights and to build a strong case for you.

That is why we dedicate ourselves to working 24/7 to secure the most successful outcome of your case as possible. If we can’t get the charges against you dropped, we will work tirelessly to reduce the consequences on your life and on your criminal record.

If your future is at stake, you need an effective, consistent, and aggressive Criminal Defense Lawyer right here in Pensacola, Florida, to fight the charges against you. While you are entitled to a free public defender, you will only receive the personalized attention you deserve with a private law practice like ours. We will be with you through every step of your case, from the moment you contact us (preferably right after you’ve been charged) to the resolution.

You deserve for your future to be a priority to the person representing you. Your lawyer should build a legal defense strategy customized for your particular situation. Your lawyer should do everything within his power to protect your rights. At Crawford Law, we never take your trust lightly, and that’s why we commit to going the extra mile for those clients and their family members who’ve put their faith in us.

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We fight for you

We don’t take easy plea agreements just to move onto the next case.

When the attorneys at Crawford Law take on a client, we fight hard to make sure you get the best possible outcome for your criminal defense case.

Take control of your future with smart, strong, and fearless attorneys who will fight vigorously for your freedom and liberties.

We defend clients charged with:

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We’ll never talk you into a plea for our own convenience.

Too many lawyers jump at quick plea agreements. We’re in this field because we love going to trial and fighting for your rights. Let us use our skills and experience to hold the prosecutor’s feet to the fire and get the outcome you deserve.

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