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What Are The Typical Sentences For DUI Convictions In Florida?

I got a DUI, what do I do?

There’s a real problem when the punishment doesn’t match the crime.

A DUI is unique in that it has a minimum mandatory sentence. For your first DUI, you are typically looking at an adjudication of guilt; meaning that the DUI goes on your record and it will never leave your record. You’re also looking at 12 months of probation and during that probation, you’re going to have a lot of conditions. You’re going to have to complete DUI School, pay a fine, and pay court costs. You’re going to have to do at least 50 hours of community service and go to a DUI Impact Panel. In addition, they may impound your vehicle for 10 days.

If it is your second DUI within five years, you’re going to have all the consequences of a first-time DUI plus 10 days of mandatory jail time. The fine also increases to the $1,000 to $2,000 range. There are also enhancements. If you blew over a 0.15 or there was a minor in the car, that is known as a DUI Duvall. The fine amount will increase in that case. If you have more than three DUI charges, you’re looking at a felony. Felonies, in the state of Florida, have a particular score that corresponds with each initial charge plus points for your prior record. If that score is over 44 points, then you have to be sentenced to a prison term.

There are additional enhancements, such as causing injury or death to another person, which can also increase your DUI to a felony. The sentence depends on the score that particular felony charge is; whether it is a DUI manslaughter, a DUI serious bodily injury, or another charge. Those felonies all have their own unique scores and you face at least the minimum sentence for that score.

What Factors Would Enhance Or Aggravate A DUI Case In Florida?

You could have an aggravation for causing property damage, for your breath sample testing above a certain amount, for having a minor in the vehicle, or for causing injury. There is another aggravation for death, which is known as DUI manslaughter. There are many different aggravations or enhancements, including previous DUIs. Every time you have a new DUI, there is an enhancement that is going to apply to you.

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