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Does Having An Attorney Involved Early On Make Me Look Guilty In A Sex Crime Case?

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It is absolutely beneficial to get an attorney involved in a sex crime case right away because the vast majority of these cases are based on just a verbal allegation from someone. Even if you believe the situation will not go much further, prosecutors routinely meet with accusers and pull-out their accusations. You may not know why the accuser made these allegations against you but a good attorney should look into it and if there is a reason discovered, it can be presented to the jury. Doing an interview, on your own, with law enforcement is generally not a good idea. People are nervous, and detectives can and will manipulate your words into a complete fabrication. They are only meeting with you to gather evidence against you.

There is another tactic law enforcement will use is called a controlled phone call. They will have the accuser call the accused and engage in a discussion where the accuser is basically asking for some kind of acknowledgement or apology for what happened. They are trying to get the accused to say things that will hurt their case. A good attorney is going to tell you to stop talking to anyone about the case. Most people, just due to human nature, don’t want anyone to feel sad, even if what happened wasn’t a crime, so they will apologize and incriminate themselves in the process. If you have any indication that you’re being investigated by any agency, you need to contact an attorney immediately.

What Happens After Someone Is Arrested For A Sex Crime? Are These Bondable Offenses?

The vast majority of sex crimes are bondable offenses. However, the bond amount could be into the hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars. Capital sexual battery, which is the highest-level offense that could occur in a sexual battery, is not bondable because it is a capital offense. It is not a violation of the constitution for that particular crime to not have a bond attached.

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Officers go online to develop cyber relationships with someone who is simply looking for companionship. This often escalates into a deceitful dialogue that’s designed to build a case for online solicitation of a minor.

The results are crippling:

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  • An emptied bank account

  • Job termination

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