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Experience, dedication, and bravery.

Specializing in wrongful death accidents, personal injury, and high-profile criminal defense cases, Crawford Law boasts a team of aggressive but approachable trial attorneys who are dedicated to working around-the-clock to win your case.

What Type Of Expectations Should I Have For A Criminal Defense And Personal Injury Attorney In Pensacola, Florida?

Before all else, you should expect any worthy Pensacola, FL criminal defense attorney to have a solid knowledge and understanding of the law and experience defending the type of charges that you’re currently facing. You should also expect him or her have experience in the same court where the pending criminal charges were filed against you. Your attorney should have a proven record of being both a skilled negotiator and an experienced litigator. Not all criminal defense lawyers in Pensacola, FL are experienced in both state and federal criminal courts. Always find out whether the attorney has practiced in the court in question.

You should also expect a high quality Pensacola criminal defense attorney to have experience with alternative scenario planning, with the evaluation of plea offers, and with risk assessment. He or she should be willing listen to your situation and concerns, and then help you understand all the possible scenarios. The attorney should easily identity and explain all the pros and cons of each legal option you have, assesses any risks, and advise you on which course of action they recommend. Communication with your attorney should be open and prompt.

Copies of all documents involved in your case should be provided to you without request and your calls should always be returned in a timely fashion. The outcomes of any motions or negotiations should always be provided to you as quickly as possible, so you can prepare for those outcomes or decisions. All communication with your attorney is required by law to be confidential. You attorney should try to make you feel comfortable and should not judge you or your situation.

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Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

“This man is a legend! Got my CDL Crime dismissed and gave me and my family clarity the whole time we were going through this. Plus! I’m from Michigan and He still knocked it out of the park in Florida! Amazing job sir. Highly recommended any day of the week!”

– Detmrr OhGee

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Whether you need criminal defense or representation for a personal injury claim, our team, lead by Chris Crawford, will fight 24/7 to guarantee that your rights are protected.

If I Am Not Satisfied With My Criminal Defense Attorney, Can I Find A New One?

Our constitution provides all criminal defendants with the right to legal representation by counsel. The courts have interpreted this to mean that the defendant is free to hire any attorney they choose throughout their case. If you are not satisfied with the work your attorney has done so far, you should definitely seek a new attorney as soon as possible. If you wait too long to switch attorneys, the judge can deny your request due to insufficient time for your new attorney to prepare for trial.

It is very important that your new criminal defense attorney completely understands your Pensacola, FL case and all the applicable law. If you are an immigrant, for example, it is imperative that your attorney is experienced with both immigration law and criminal law, and understands the ways in which they intersect. Above all, you should always feel comfortable and confident with whichever defense attorney you have chosen to represent you in your case, and you should understand the legal strategy that he or she has decided to use in your defense.

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The Law Office Of Chris Crawford In Pensacola, Florida

When you’ve been charged with a crime, you’re in a tough place. You need a tough criminal defense attorney. Attorney Chris Crawford will fight for you, if you’ve been charged with any crime, including but not limited to:

  • DUI
  • Sex crimes
  • Juvenile crimes
  • Federal offenses
  • Drug trafficking

The Law Office of Chris Crawford also expertly handles personal injury cases. If you find yourself embroiled in any of the following scenarios, Attorney Chris Crawford is ready to help you as soon as possible:

  • Auto accidents
  • Maritime law issues
  • Slip and fall incidents
  • Logging accidents
  • Premises liability issues
  • Florida truck accidents

Don’t just settle for the first Pensacola attorney you find on Google or in the phone book. Attorney Chris Crawford is an experienced and formidable litigation attorney, who has fought for his clients in over eighty trials. This is an attorney who will fight until the end for you and will not settle until you decide to settle. At the Law Office of Chris Crawford, we offer more than just the bare minimum criminal or personal injury defense. We hold ourselves to a higher standard of professionalism.

  • Free, no-obligation consultation
  • Judgement free zone
  • Answers to your legal questions
  • Honest case evaluation
  • Prompt and open communication
  • Proven litigation experience

Don’t let a criminal charge or a person injury get the best of you and negatively impact your future or your family’s future. You have the right to fight for your rights and your livelihood and Attorney Chris Crawford will stand up and fight for you. Call the Law Office of Chris Crawford today to schedule a cost free, risk free obligation to discuss your criminal or personal injury case. You decide how to proceed in your own case with the advice of seasoned attorney, who has seen the inside of a courtroom a great many times. Put us on your side today!

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