My Home Is Only Partially Damaged, But It Will Look Weird If I Have New Vinyl Siding On One Side And Old On The Other. The Insurance Company Tells Me They Don’t Owe For Matching. Is That True?

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In Florida, there are certain guidelines that a proper loss consultant has to follow. There are statutes that specify that certain issues with matching are required by the insurance company. Sometimes, it will not be possible to match the same vinyl siding, or some other materials. A lot of insurance companies will say, “Well, that’s just a cosmetic issue.” However, insurance policies state that they have to put the home back to a “like” or “as is” condition of how it was prior to a storm. In the case of mismatched siding or shingles, that is not an “as is” condition. Therefore, a good loss consulting team or attorney can argue on your behalf that mismatched siding is covered.

What Can I Do If My Insurance Claim Has Been Denied Due To Maintenance Issues Or Previous Damage?

An insurance claim should not be denied due to maintenance issues or previous damage. In Florida, damage cause is determined with the efficient cause analysis. For instance, if you have previous damage to your house, and a storm came through and caused additional damage, it’s all related. The damage needs to be replaced or repaired. Think of a line of a 100 dominos. You point out a domino in the middle and say, “What caused that domino to fall?” Under the hurricane law in Florida, it was the last domino that made it all fall, not the 99 dominos that came before it. Therefore, just because you have previous damage or problems, it doesn’t mean that your claim will be completely denied. When it comes to the actual cost valuation (ACV), it is more of an issue of depreciation than completely denying a claim.

How Much Will A Lawyer Cost Me?

A lawyer is normally going to cost you a lot less than what you’re going to get overall in your claim. That is because lawyers know that your claim is valuable. They know that they can work for you and get you the money that you deserve. We request a certain percentage in our contracts that apply when cases settle. We divide our cases into three different stages: whether it settles after we send in the initial proof of loss, whether we have to go to an appraisal, or whether we have to file a lawsuit. The reason we divide our cases is because we want to charge the least amount of money as possible for the client. If we can do great work and get your case settled quickly, we’re not going to charge you a lot of money.

People shouldn’t worry about the amount that the lawyer or loss consultant is going to charge them. We would not be doing this if we did not believe that we could get you more money for your claim. Then again, if a lawsuit is filed under Florida law and it is successful, you’re entitled to your attorney’s fees. That means the insurance company would have to pay your attorney’s fees.

What Is A Public Adjuster?

A public adjuster is a state licensed adjuster that represents the homeowner against the insurance company. A public adjuster can be an expert with or without a law degree. Attorneys are considered public adjusters without having to be state-licensed as a public adjuster. You have a choice between a licensed public adjuster through the state who does not have a law background or a public adjuster who is licensed by the bar and has a law background. They are designed to bring the homeowner as much reimbursement for the damages that were caused by the ailment, whether it be hurricane damage, tornado damage, fire damage, or flood damage.

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